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The News 




A 6 minute video of Felix Ruckert speaking about the Xplore concept has been onto the media page of our site. Check it out. It's very interesting.






Two of our presenters, WeiZen Ho and Alan Schacher are looking for assistance with childcare during the festival, so they can attend some more workshops and performances. If you (or you know anyone who) can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. In exchange, we would be very happy to offer a Helpers Ticket to the festival: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Due to sickness, Felix Ruckert and Amalion will not be participating in Xplore this year. However, Dasniya Sommer will be teaching and performing. Dasniya is the co-founder of Schwelle7 in Berlin. She is one of the most innovative and interesting shibari artists in the world today. She is reinventing the practice from a feminist and sex/gender fluid point of view. She will also be giving an artist's talk at the Sex/Philosophy Symposium on Monday. Check out her work: https://vimeo.com/38720051


Also her performance on Arte, the French/German equivalent of SBS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GoqhNtOHYMk#!





Janet Hardy will be presenting at the Sex/Philosophy Conference this year via skype on April 1st following Xplore. She will be speaking on the topic "Queer/Straight: Is there is an Opposition?" She is the ground-breaking author of The Ethical Slut and Girlfags: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals.





We are looking for volunteers for the Sex/Philosophy Symposium to assist the presenters and the clean-up in exchange for a free ticket. If interested, please contact Natalia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Cambridge Scholars Publishing contacted us today. They want to publish the proceedings of the Sex/Philosophy Symposium. We are delighted!




Esteemed Sex Educator from Melbourne, Cyndi Darnell, will be presenting at the Sex/Philosophy Symposium on "Self Inquiry, Vulnerability and Shame."




The overall concept of the Xplore program this year has been changed from Altered States to The Music of Erotic Intensity. Check out the new workshop page.


The Philosophy Research Initiative at the University of Western Sydney have decided warmly to support and fund our proposal for a Sex/Philosophy Symposium directly following Xplore. They have offered $750 towards expenses for traveling academics.


Eleven Greenstones and Edda Carmela will be building a Polyamory Space for people to come in and share experiences at Xplore this year. We are delighted and honored that they wish to share their talents with us again.





We are looking for some helpers for our Xplore Mardi Gras Fairday Stall this Sunday, 10th February. If you'd like a reduced price ticket to Xplore, please come and help us to promote the event at the Mardi Gras Fairday! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





We are honored to announce that Australian rope artist and photographer, Garth Knight, will be doing one of his remarkable installations at Xplore. He will be giving an artist's talk on the installation on Easter Monday at the Sex/Philosophy Symposium at Critical Path. Check out his beautiful website: www.garthknight.com




German Choreographer and founder of the Xplore concept, Felix Ruckert, will be coming to Australia to give 4 workshops at Xplore13 as well as a week-long Sensual Extremes intensive. Felix's Xplore workshops include: From Shame to Pride; Liquid Body Hard Stuff; Penetration; Hot Wax Orgy.


Annetta Luce will also be giving 3 new workshops: Dog Woman; Intimate Encounter; WIne and Mediation


Nataile Empire will be a giving a fantastic alternative FemDom workshop.


The Xplore13 altered-spaces play-party will be held at the Red Rattler on Sunday evening 31st March.


19 workshops have already been annouced and more coming. It's going to be a great Xplore.






I spoke on the phone to Annetta Luce today in Phoenix, Arizona. She has proposed Ethereal Faceslapping, we are seriously considering this workshop.


There are also rumours of a Kidnapping workshop, but we don't yet know who we would entrust to run it. This workshop requires theatrical timing and not only brute force. We have to find someone who has the right combination.


We are also racking our brains about how to do the party. We think an altered spaces/states party in accordance with the theme this year with different rooms for different altered states...also with performances. However, Annetta also mentioned that it would be good to have a unifying, over-riding concept for the party so that it is not just a bunch of disparate experiences. Altered states, she thinks, wouldn't be enough as a concept. She proposed, following last year's workshop, a bordello concept: like a bordello of altered spaces. Everyone would be given money when they enter the party and pay gatekeepers to enter into specific altered spaces. 


Natalia asks: "Have you thought of what the altered spaces would be?"


"I think there should be an opium den with exotic dancers."


PB and NJ




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