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The Aristocracy of Desire: Xplore/Ligature Party

A multi-layered multi-sexual hedonist party, The Aristocracy of Desire will feature some of most innovative and celebrated members of the Sydney underground arts and BDSM scene. There will be performances and play spaces for you to discover and enjoy. 


Everything will be created to encourage beautiful and erotic encounters to happen.

Participation at any level is, of course, consensual. We will endeavour to make you feel both safe and inspired to take risks.


The Aristocracy of Desire is for every-body. We strongly encourage playfulness, gracefulness and politeness.


Fetish – Hyper Sexy – Deviant. Extravagant outfits and costumes please.

Easter Sunday - 31st March, 2013

Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St  Marrickville NSW 2204.


The Aristocracy of Desire this year will be a collaboration between Xplore and Ligature. Xplore participants and Ligature members only. 


We have 43 guests and no members online