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Sensual Rigger




His Workshops:

Rope in the Bedroom 


Avalon has been involved in BDSM for over 20 years internationally and has trained in the art of Japanese Rope Bondage . He's active in the local, Sydney scene participating in events, and receiving tutelage from renowned range of international riggers such as Satomi, Midori, Osada Steve, Esinem, and Australian riggers Hebari and Mark DV8.


Seduced by the sensual skill and artistic expression of Newaza Shibari (floorwork) Avalon has developed his own distinctive style. His floorwork is fluid and sensory, relying on triggers and sensitivities of his model to lull them into a forbidden world. His style keeps faith to traditional japanese bondage where mind, edge and predicament play are key factors of the tying process.


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