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Aleni DV8

DV8 House
BDSM Educator and Enthusiast



Aleni De Viate released the concepts of traditional heterosexual monogamist relationships for herself in 1996.  By 1998 she moved in with a couple practicing BDSM and became their slave.  During this time she started training in the more practical skills of BDSM play and technique as well as developing her own idea of herself in the context of BDSM.  She spent the next 3 years pursuing this self concept travelling overseas and entering the local community.  Getting to know different aspects of herself she identified as slave, Mistress, submissive and dominant.  “as a human being my state of being relies heavily on who I am interacting with, whether I’m protective, nurturing, subservient , overpowering, ruling or antagonistic.  There is no final label that can apply to me except maybe Eclectic. (Aleni de Viate)


In 2005 Aleni was asked to share her knowledge and teach the skills she had gained predominantly in female dominance and topping techniques and now teaches all over Australia and the world classes including cock and ball torture, rope bondage, flogging, spanking, caning,  how to develop your kink aspect, service from both top and bottom states and how to create a play scene to name just a few. 


Aleni lives in Sydney with her Master of 11 years and her co partner Lani de Viate in a polyamorous relationship of long standing.  Together they enjoy playing, teaching and performing as DV8 House Sydney.


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