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Berenice & Dogboy  

Venomous Ink

BDSM Enthusiasts

(New Zealand Belguim)


Their Workshop:

Being Really Extreme


Berenice, born in Belgium, arrived 5 years ago in Sydney and trained a few months as a ProDomme at the Kastle. She is also a massage therapist, a model, an actress and a body piercer. She began kink ill advised and had many bad experiences. Not really into pain, she would be more of a sex object, shared by many.


They met 4 years ago working at the first Chamber party. They had wild sex after a black wedding. Wanting to go further underworld, Dog collared his Kitten. Quite chaotic relationship. Even if they had not planned to get emotionally involved, it finally happened, and Dog asked his Kitten's hand. He would demand monogamy from her. She would not be able to exist as a slave and a wife, so he uncollared her, making them equals again. A relationship is about compromise. 


Nowadays they are more than happy to give advice, if they can, to people who ask them questions. They top and bottom at parties, her doing blood play on him, him pleasing her sexually.


Berenice is asked to perform kinky shows, she plays with a few selected friends, and she sees clients for play piercing in her dungeon or at the Venomous-Ink Lab. Her husband attends those sessions sometimes.


Dogboy, born in New Zealand, has been on the BDSM scene for more than 15 years. He has been known to be an excellent service slave. He is quite anal about protocol. People have seen him mentoring and flogging newbies for years at Hellfire.


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