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Edda & Eleven   


Installation Artists



Eleven travels in a solar powered caravan fossicking for beautiful places, compelling folks and sometimes a stage from which to blast off ideas and alter-egos. Gratefully, she often finds everything she needs. She is an advocate of social, community and environmental justice and has an abiding love and interest in plants and other honourable creatures. Eleven looks forward to the possibilities promised by an event like Xplore: connection, praxis, dress ups. She is an experienced but always learning Dominant&Top who currently wants to know more about medical and blood play. Practicing different kinds of polyamory and BDSM have been a successful way to invite freedom and diversity into her life and an honest, rewarding way to understand the edges of herself. 



Edda gets most excited about opportunities to heal, grow and tranform. She loves facilitating spaces of radical self-enquiry, finding transcendence at the nexus of self actualisation.

She is passionate about her work as a sexual health worker in the GLBT communities and is set to complete her Masters in Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing) later this year.

She lives, love(s) and learns in Lismore, Northern NSW.


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