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lia photo small Lia Smith









Her Workshop:

Sound Intimacy


Lia has an inter-disciplinary art practice across performance, installation, dance, video, sound, music and animation. She is a qi gong and meditation teacher, alternative medicine practitioner and Doula(birth worker) Her art of the last decade has been informed by melding a contemporary art aesthetic with practical healing traditions. Space, context, scale, intimacy, paradox, memory, trauma, nature, pain, existence, identity, gender, sex, birth & death. The biological and the spiritual are prominent themes. She has exhibited in Australia, Europe, U.S.A, Asia & Sth America.


As a founding & or active member of creative collectives Under The Fig Tree 2011-13, Boo Hiss 2009, P.O.R.K collective 2007, Bread Crumb Navigation 2006, Sonic Aural Research Group 2004 and the artist run initiative Space3 gallery 2001-2004. The engagement in community and collaborative work are consistent elements of her practice to date.


In recent years she has facilitated workshops in visual art, healing art, theatre making, movement & language for organisations such as Under The fig Tree Bondi, Pact theatre, A.T.Y.P, Dance Play Inc, Kids Up front Academy. She has exhibited art and performed in shows at galleries and events such as Underbelly @ CarriageWorks, Space 3, Medium Rare, S.C.A, Performance Space, Sydney Opera House Studio, The Knott, N.A.S, Cockatoo Island Design Awards, Notting Hill Carnival(London), Burning Man (Nevada, U.S.A), The Great Escape Festival, Peats Ridge,The Shoot Out, BENNU theatre ensemble, Noise, The NoW nOw festival, International Outlook Exhibition (Athens,Greece) MAP festival (Melaka, Malaysia), The book of revolutions We(ll) The Great Wall of Books Bicentennial (Mexico) 


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