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Ice to Fire


Presented by:

Dr. Sebastian Job



Let’s play with a couple of ideas. First, each of us may be regarded as the narrator of our own lives. Second, our memories and projects, our forms of contact with each other, our groping along pathways, increasingly take place under the shadow of collective anxiety about the future.


The glaciers are melting; the forests like tinder. How long, really, till the banks burn? The world as altered state. Yet we carry on, many of us, interpreting, taking soundings, inventing experiences. These include reaching out to each other through sexual conjunctions, going inward with drugs, looking for the cold edge of certainty, the fire of energetic connection...


In this workshop we employ darkness, blindfolds, soundscapes, contact, solitude, and writing to explore our being here in these times, subject to the privilege and the compulsion of improvising a way forward.




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