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Exhibitionism for the Shy 


Presented by:

Emma Abandon






How much of ourselves we are willing to share, in what contexts, and to what end?


Does showing ourselves make us feel more powerful, or more alive? Does it touch upon some primitive tribal need for the public bacchanalia? Or does it simply touch upon some inner sense of honesty and through that we are able to find peace in self-acceptance--of bodily imperfection, of our sexual natures....


In this provocative workshop, Emma, herself a shameless exhibitionist, will support you in finding the voice that sings your own praises. In a series of simple, safe, amusing exercises, you will begin to discover the inner safety that comes from allowing yourself to be seen.


(The workshop title Exhibitionism for the Shy has been borrowed from sex educator and author  Maggie Tappert, whose research Xplore Sydney acknowledges as an inspiration.)



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