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Forced Fitness Fetish

Presented by:

Bootcamp Mistress Anna




An intense workshop of 'Forced Fitness'.  Mistress Anna will literally 'whip' you into shape (crop in hand) and 'kick ass' (sneakered foot) for all those subs, Dommes, "athletic kinksters" or anyone who needs motivation. 

A circuit class environment with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge.


Over The Knee spanks and forced push-ups for naughty subs & sloths who don't complete tasks. Those deemed lucky will be rewarded with crunches that kiss Mistress Anna's divine arse. There are options tailored for all fitness levels. Bootcamp Mistress will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels.


Barefoot possible, sports shoes are preferred to decrease risk of injury. If you wish, you can wear your Collars and Fetish wear. BYO your own water bottle and deodorants please.



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