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Presented by:

Aleni DV8





Have you ever been jealous?  Have you ever had someone be jealous of you? 

Do you use jealousy as a barometer of your love?  Most of us find jealously so intensely uncomfortable that we avoid even talking about it, feeling jealous over a lover can be enough to end the relationship for some and be an indicator of love for others.  Do we need a lover’s jealous display to feel desired?  What is this confusing, painful and disempowering emotion?


Jealousy doesn’t need to consume and destroy but it can’t be denied.  Dealing with jealousy starts with understanding and accepting valid and very real emotional responses.  In this non-confrontational workshop we will unpack our response to jealousy, how we feel it, how we feel when other people project jealousy at us and how we behave in this potentially volatile state.   




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