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Yoga Intimacy


Presented by:

Annetta Luce

Peter Banki




Peter and Annetta have been practicing yoga for decades (mostly within the BKS Iyengar tradition). However, they notice that human sexuality is almost always left out of the teaching, as if it had little or no place. 


In this workshop, we will xplore the erotic potential of  yoga poses, while cultivating an attitude of attentive listening and care, i.e., a yoga mind. 


Yoga practice is a fantastic way to begin your day at Xplore. It helps you to arrive in your body and gain more spaciousness, strength and flexibility (both physically and emotionally). Sexual intimacy can be considerably deepened if practiced with a yoga mind.


Both yoga and sex are energetic practices. If nurtured and refined, they can be profoundly transformational.


Please bring a mat, if you have one.






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